5 New Mindset Changes for A New Year of Business Growth

A new year marks a new beginning. It’s the perfect time to adopt mindset changes that positively impact both your private life and career. After the pandemic struggles of 2020, cultivating resilience and wellbeing has never been more critical. 

As Covid-19 remains an ever-present threat and a source of enormous disruption, everyone, everywhere, is looking for ways not just to get by but to thrive. 

A healthy and carefully nurtured mindset is vital when it comes to being a successful entrepreneur or freelancer. It can mean the difference between success and failure. 

For example, two people with an equal amount of skill and talent can see two completely different results, depending on how they individually react to circumstances. A person with a positive mindset will always find a way to make things work. Another person with a negative mindset will always find excuses as to why things are impossible. 

Important mindset changes for a prosperous new year

If you want to meet with success in the new year, it’s essential to enact new mindset changes today that support business growth and prosperity, no matter the conditions around you.  

So, what are some of these essential success-focused mindset changes? 

  1. Focus on value over price

For freelancers and other service-based professionals, competing on price is a guaranteed way to stagnate and suffer burnout. A price war is always a race to the bottom. A better way to charge for your services is to focus on value. 

Focusing on value means setting fees consistent with the results you achieve for your clients, rather than the number of hours it takes to complete a project. This pricing mindset means you are rewarded for your increasing experience and expertise rather than punished for being more effective and efficient.  

A positive mindset change for this coming year is to focus on value over time. 

  1. Accept the need to pivot your business focus

The world is a different place from what it was 12 months ago. Many professionals have had to modify their businesses and pivot their services. Pivoting is moving to a new strategy while still keeping to the fundamentals of your business. It’s an essential tactic when times change but even more so when these changes are sudden.

Pivoting your business to meet changing demands and circumstances also means a pivot in your mindset. It can be both exciting and scary adapting your services and products to a new type of audience.

Embrace the need for change in your business. Be comfortable in evolving your services to meet changing demands. 

  1. Work on your self-esteem

Self-esteem is a person’s sense of self-worth or value. A healthy level of self-esteem means it’s a lot easier to roll with the bumps and pivots inherent in the world of work and business. On the other hand, low self-esteem results in fear that then leads to a more rigid, fragile, and defensive mindset. 

Working on raising your self-esteem is vital as a business owner. When you see yourself as worthy, it’s a lot easier to effectively market your brand, charge higher rates, and work with the best clients. 

Low self-esteem is often the result of childhood issues and thought patterns, frequently leading to anxiety and depression in later life. But you can modify your self-esteem at any time. A new mindset change can be to rigorously identify negative thinking and replace this negativity with positive thoughts and affirmations. 

  1. Develop a positive money mindset

Another form of negativity in business is having a poor relationship with money. Your money mindset is the collection of feelings and beliefs you hold about money. A positive money mindset opens you up to the possibility of great wealth, while a negative money mindset (including money anxiety) is only going to hinder your earning potential. 

Signs you may have a poor money mindset include thinking money is the root of all evil, finding it difficult to discuss pricing with a client without feeling icky, and assuming you were not born to be rich. 

By developing a positive money mindset, you can create a healthier relationship with money, thereby making success more likely. 

  1. Develop a productivity mindset and invest in the right tools

Being successful in business requires determination, skill, talent, and positivity. Yet without the right tools, you can quickly find you and your team failing to stay on top of the tasks you need to complete. The reality of growing a business is why investing in the right tools and software is so important. 

If you’re averse to investing in tools, it might be wise to consider a change in your productivity mindset. By doing so, you’ll speed up your workflow, improve your cash flow, and maybe most importantly of all, strengthen your emotional wellbeing.  

There are countless cloud-based tools for entrepreneurs and freelancers, many of which are seamlessly integrated and automated. At Invoice Ninja, for example, we’ve integrated our invoicing platform with over 1,000 different apps and tools.  

A new mindset for a new year

The health of your mindset is everything when it comes to business success. All successful entrepreneurs have cultivated a healthy mindset conducive to opportunities and prosperity. 

Successful people achieve success regardless of the circumstances surrounding them. Whether it’s a worldwide pandemic or an economic recession, their mindset dictates they will find new opportunities, success, and prosperity, irrespective of what happens globally.  

If you want to achieve your dreams, then working on your mindset is perhaps the most important gift you can give yourself this coming New Year.