Additional Reports: Accounts Aging & Client Statements

Running a small business or freelance operation isn’t just about doing the work and getting paid. It’s also important to get an overview of your business, from different points of view.

So we’ve expanded and updated the Reports feature with two new reporting functions: Aging Accounts and Client Statement.

Aging Accounts is the ideal way for business owners to get an overview of overdue invoices. All invoices that are past due are filtered into the Aging Accounts report, so you can keep track of which clients have unpaid invoices, the outstanding amounts, and the due dates. It’s the easiest way to understand your overdue payments, so you can take control of your cash flow.

Additional Reports

Client Statement gives a fast, simple overview of the detailed account balance for each individual customer. To view a client statement, go to the Client’s overview page, and click the View Statement button at the top right of the page. A downloadable PDF file will automatically generate, providing you with a complete summary of the client’s accounts – including current and outstanding invoices, due dates, totals for each invoice, and total balance.

The Reports function is a vital part of Invoice Ninja, giving you the tools you need to understand the bigger financial picture. Explore your business even more deeply, with these two new, advanced reports.



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