Keeping track of invoices is much more than just sending emails and hoping for the best. Did the customer receive the invoice email? Have they opened it? Have they read it? Where do I stand? What’s going on with the customer and my payment?

A crystal ball would answer all those questions with perfect clarity. But Invoice Ninja offers something almost as good, so you can get a deeper view of your invoicing without having to expend any effort or learn any magic tricks.

It’s the Invoice Ninja alerts system, and it’s designed to notify you by email when an invoice has been sent, viewed, or payed, and when a quote has been approved (Pro Plan only). You can choose which notifications you want to receive, and set up an alert system that gives you the information you need without unnecessarily clogging up your inbox.  Invoice Ninja alerts are designed to provide you with extra insight that can help you understand where your invoices stand, right now.

To set up the alert system that’s right for you, go to Basic Settings > Email Notifications. You have up to 4 options for alerts: when an invoice is sent, when an invoice is viewed, when an invoice is payed, and when a quote is approved (only for Pro Plan users). Check the box for each alert you wish to receive. You can choose just one, or all of them, or any combination. It’s totally up to you.  After you click Save, your alerts system is set, and you will now receive email notifications to the address assigned to your Invoice Ninja account.

Once you’ve got used to receiving alerts, you’ll see just how helpful they are in your invoicing flow. No more guessing whether an email has been read or handled. Via Invoice Ninja alerts, you can stay alert to your customers and your invoices, in real time, all the time.

Sounds good?

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