Sometimes, sending just an invoice is not enough. There are loads of supporting documents that can help your customer understand their working agreement with you, the services you provide, terms and conditions, and much more. And being able to send these documents as attachments to the invoice – well, that’s pure convenience.

With our new default 3rd party documents feature, you can embed documents into online invoices – either send them in emails as attachments or as document links within the invoice email. And if you don’t want to have to remember to attach them every time you send an invoice, the beauty of this feature is in its default capabilities.

You can now add any documents you like to your invoices as a default setting, and they will automatically be sent with your invoices. So if you want to make sure your clients know your terms of service, or have access to your company pitch-deck, or can view your pay scale chart, or just about anything else, make sure to attach default 3rd party documents to your invoices, and they’ll be sent every time for you, with no extra effort on your part.

To attach default 3rd part documents, go to Advanced Settings > Invoice Settings, and scroll down to the Defaults section. Click on the Documents tab, and upload any documents you want. They will be sent automatically when you send your invoices.

Expand and improve your communication with customers – by default! Choose and attach default documents today and start sending them automatically with every invoice.

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