We’ve all heard of Paypal online payments, but did you know that Braintree is the brainchild of Paypal? And for small to large businesses, like yours, Braintree is a whole forest of e-commerce capabilities, based on Paypal’s world famous functionality. Together with your Invoice Ninja invoicing account, Braintree allows you to invoice customers and process their payments – all without them having to leave your website or app. So you can give your customers all the easy benefits of online payments, in your own branded web environment. Now that’s what we call brainy!

Braintree is stacked with features that make your business run more smoothly. Operating in 44 countries, supporting 130+ currencies, you can serve your clients better almost anywhere – in their language and currency. Integration is a snap, with flexible APIs that fit easily in your website, and by partnering with Invoice Ninja, you’re only an API away from linking your Braintree payment solution to your Invoice Ninja account.

And the cherry on top? Outstanding customer and technical support, with local support teams around the world, great response times, and tons of developer documentation and support articles available on the Braintree site.

Seamless with a Capital S

If there’s one thing we’re sure of about online payments, it’s this: the customer is more likely to actually complete the payment if the process is smooth and easy. This is the big advantage of Braintree. Braintree has created a totally streamlined payment process that actually encourages your customers to pay. How? With a fantastically simple user interface that you can embed on your website or app. The ‘Drop-In UI’ is Braintree’s own pre-formatted payment form that you can literally ‘drop in’ to your website or app. It enables fast checkout within minutes, with 23 languages supported, and you can choose the credit cards and payments services you prefer to offer to customers. Braintree supports all major credit cards, Paypal, Venmo, Apply Pay, Android Pay, Masterpass and more.

Want to stay seamless but on your own terms? No problem. You have the option to customize the checkout experience to totally suit your business identity. Braintree provides the components – and you build the checkout flow with the look and feel you want. Via transparent iframes that your developers can mix and match, you’ll create your own customized checkout with PCI compliance and security features built in by Braintree.

Your look. Their protection.

With Braintree, you get all the benefits of a payments system embedded in your website or app, without any of the security headaches or worries. That’s because Braintree takes care of it all for you, with world-class data security protocols, Level 1 PCI DSS compliance, and a place on both Visa and Mastercard’s secure provider lists. Cardholder data is not stored raw – rather, it is held in Braintree’s secure vault that uses advanced encryption methods and more. Even more than that, Braintree gives you built-in fraud protection that you can set independently via the Control Panel, giving you personal control over your payments protection. There are additional layers of protection that you can activate, based on your business needs and the types of credit cards you accept.

The important thing to remember is that the safety and security of your business is part and parcel of the Braintree approach. With Braintree, you won’t miss out on the world’s most advanced approaches to online fraud and data protection, while at the same time handling payments your own way on your own website or app.

Do the splits. Split payments made easy.

Sometimes you need to get paid, but then again, you need to pay your providers or sub-merchants. Braintree is the solution with convenient split payments functionality that allows you to do both. Be paid, and pay – in one smooth seamless transaction process.

Braintree’s split payments feature is based on customizable APIs that you can leverage any way you want to support your business needs. Get paid via credit card, Apple Pay or Android Pay, then Braintree will take care of your payment to your provider, based on your chosen specifications. Pay your providers via bank transfer, Venmo or credit card in as little as two days. Braintree takes complex transactions between your customers, your sub-merchants, and you, making the entire end-to-end payment process easy and under control. And with direct integration to your Invoice Ninja account, your payment transactions – incoming and outgoing – are truly in good hands.

Making Recurring Payments Rock

Getting paid once off is one thing. Recurring or ongoing regular payments are quite another. Luckily, Braintree is a star when it comes to recurring payments. Together with Invoice Ninja token billing functionality, Braintree will make you a recurring payments rock star!

Do you have customers who pay a monthly subscription? Or perhaps they have a standing weekly order? Whatever the reason, if you have to invoice customers and get paid on a regular basis, you can do it with Braintree and Invoice Ninja. Your customers will receive automated invoices at the right time, and you can even set up automatic authorized payments to make it even easier for your customers to pay. And, if a customer’s payment schedule changes or gets cancelled, Braintree will make the calculations automatically and ensure the invoice and payment is correctly adjusted in your Invoice Ninja account. All you have to do is set up your customer’s payment profile and your recurring payment is ready to roll!

The Brainy Way to Do Business

If you choose to go the Braintree route for your payments processing, Invoice Ninja is with you all the way. After creating your Braintree account, you’ll need to integrate it with your Invoice Ninja account. It’s pretty easy, so here’s how you do it.

To integrate Braintree in your Invoice Ninja account, go to Basic Settings > Online Payments, and click on the blue Add Gateway + button. Scroll to the bottom and click the gray Use another provider button. Now you’re on the Payment Gateways/ Create page. Open the drop down menu of the Gateway field and select Braintree. Next, you’ll insert the various information in the fields provided, based on the details provided to you by Braintree. If you want to enable Paypal payments, check the Enable box. You’ll also need to select which credit cards you want to accept, and billing address preferences. Then, after you click the green Save button, you can get started with your Braintree payments. Enjoy!