Bulk Emailing Invoices & Quotations

Let’s face it – much of the work that goes into invoicing is repetitive. Creating invoices, sending invoices, entering payments, and on and on. At Invoice Ninja, we’re always looking for ways to make the invoicing process shorter, faster and even more effective.

The Bulk Emailing feature is designed to do all that. It provides the capability to send invoices in bulk, without having to navigate to each individual invoice page. So if you have a number of clients to bill, whether it be 2 or 200, why not send the invoices in bulk emails, by simply selecting the relevant invoices from the Invoices list?

Bulk Emailing Invoices & Quotations

To use the Bulk Emailing feature, go to the Invoices list page. Select the invoices you want to send by checking the box in the left hand column, next to the invoice number. You can choose as many invoices as you like. Then, click on the arrow on the Archive button to open the drop down menu and select “Email Invoice”. All the invoices you selected will be automatically sent to the recipients. So, instead of opening each invoice page, and clicking “Send” for every invoice, now you can send all your due invoices in one click with the convenient Bulk Emailing feature. Try it today.

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