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Invoice Ninja Garners High Marks Distinctions

Invoice Ninja recently underwent a thorough analysis from FinancesOnline, and not only did we receive a whopping high 8.9 rating but our leading open source billing platform was also distinguished with two prestigious awards. FinancesOnline creates objective reviews to aid businesses in finding the best and most efficient platform for handling their arduous daily tasks, […]
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How Freelancers Can Accept Bitcoin Payments

Freelancers can use Bitcoin to send and receive money from anyone, in any country. The virtual currency is a viable payment method for solopreneurs and business owners to use. Whether it’s being paid for a service you provide or investing in tools and programs for your freelancing business, the digital cash can be used for […]
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How to determine whether going officeless will work for your business

Twenty-first technology makes working remotely much more feasible than it used to be. The speed of email, instant messaging, project management apps, screen sharing and remote meeting software all make telecommuting possible. According to Forrester Research’s US Telecommuting Forecast, 34 million Americans work from home. And this number is expected to reach 63 million […]
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