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Invoice Ninja v2.0

We’re excited to announce that we’re starting work on a major redesign of Invoice Ninja! By upgrading to the latest and greatest web technologies we’ll be able to provide more features at a faster rate. We’re a small team, accomplishing this task will requires us to slow down feature development of the current version while […]
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What Attracts Coders to Open Source

What Attracts Coders to Open Source Software engineers are generally considered to be a defiant bunch. Whether or not these reputations are legitimate, the stereotypical coder marches to the beat of his own drummer. He keeps odd hours, delivers projects whenever he sees fit, is socially awkward, loves science fiction and is rabidly loyal to […]
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4 Key Benefits of Cloud-Based Business Apps

Today’s businesses are all about the cloud. With so many killer services and apps on the market today, it’s hard to argue against it. Servers are scalable on demand with zero necessary maintenance. Data is automatically backed up in multiple locations and accessible from anywhere in the world. And cloud-based apps that make all aspects […]
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Small businesses and finances: 20 surprising facts

How are other small businesses managing their finances, what challenges must they overcome and what financial decisions have led them to success? A survey from CFED seeks to answers these questions [], so that you can avoid pitfalls and incorporate the more successful ideas into your business. Until now, what has been known about microbusinesses […]
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Open source isn’t just for software anymore

Prefer using LibreOffice over Microsoft’s version, which will run you several hundred dollars more? Did you try jailbreaking your iOS device yet? Why should your life without proprietary constraints stop there? Go on and try eating some lightly steamed, homegrown Midnight Lightning zucchini from the public domain, or filling your domicile with some customizable, mix-and-match […]
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