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2017 Collaboration Trends: Tech and Non-tech

INternet of Things

How business teams coordinate and the technology they use to interact changes rapidly each year. 2017 is definitely not the exception, as teams look for innovative ways to keep tasks on time and meetings productive there are a host of new technology features and new collaboration philosophies that will come in handy. Let’s dive into […]
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6 Extremely Straightforward Ways to Avoid Freelance Burnout


The month you launch your new freelance business, you’re likely to be (or have been) a jittery, double espresso-fueled, intimidated mess. But you’re also so high on adrenaline that you can crush that initial wave of projects like breakfast cereal and network successfully at conferences, Meetups and happy hours in the same day. You’re inhaling […]
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How to determine whether going officeless will work for your business

How to determine whether going office-less will work for your business

Twenty-first technology makes working remotely much more feasible than it used to be. The speed of email, instant messaging, project management apps, screen sharing and remote meeting software all make telecommuting possible. According to Forrester Research’s US Telecommuting Forecast, 34 million Americans work from home. And this number is expected to reach 63 million […]
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Indisputable benefits of cloud-based invoicing and billing for freelancers

Rejoicing in the cloud

Remember the gold old days, back when the internet was just a dream among science fiction aficionados and clouds were nothing more than fluffy white things in the sky? Those were the days when freelancers issued hand-written or word processor-generated invoices. So why can’t you keep invoicing the old-fashioned way, creating invoices on your desktop […]
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