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2017 Collaboration Trends: Tech and Non-tech

How business teams coordinate and the technology they use to interact changes rapidly each year. 2017 is definitely not the exception, as teams look for innovative ways to keep tasks on time and meetings productive there are a host of new technology features and new collaboration philosophies that will come in handy. Let’s dive into […]
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How to determine whether going officeless will work for your business

Twenty-first technology makes working remotely much more feasible than it used to be. The speed of email, instant messaging, project management apps, screen sharing and remote meeting software all make telecommuting possible. According to Forrester Research’s US Telecommuting Forecast, 34 million Americans work from home. And this number is expected to reach 63 million – […]
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5 tips for getting clients to pay you on time

Relationships with clients must be nurtured carefully so that the clients come back to you for more work and refer you to others for similar projects. The success of the services you deliver is often measured by the emotional connection the client has developed with you. Unfortunately, the client-business owner relationship can be damaged, sometimes […]
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