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How Freelancers Can Thrive During a Recession 

As a severe pandemic rages across the world, there are warning signs of a harsh worldwide recession on the horizon. A significant economic downturn is devastating for the majority of small businesses. Yet for freelancers, despite the decline in economic activity, there’s actually a chance to thrive during any recession.  Even as Covid-19 forces societies […]
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How to Build Entrepreneurial Resilience for Difficult Times

An entrepreneur’s way of life is difficult at the best of times. When unforeseen circumstances occur, it can suddenly become impossible. Unless that is, you have carefully built entrepreneurial resilience, allowing you to face difficult times with fortitude.  The importance of cultivating resilience as a business owner became all too clear during the COVID-19 pandemic. […]
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Why Being a Thought Leader is Essential for Solopreneurs

It’s estimated that a quarter of the American workforce are solopreneurs. With so many millions of solo-professionals – from business consultants and life coaches to freelance writers and web designers – there’s a lot of fierce competition. And this is why being a thought leader is so essential for any ambitious solopreneur, especially those aiming […]
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