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Why Innovation is Key to a Freelancer’s Success

It’s becoming ever more important for freelancers to embrace innovation. There are no two ways about it. With so many freelance professionals, competition is fierce and the need to stand out is increasingly imperative. This is the same regardless of which freelancing sector you’re in.  According to employment statistics, there are over 62 million freelancers […]
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How to Reinvest Earnings to Successfully Grow Your Freelancing Business

Starting a new freelancing business is hard work. For many it can also be a worrying time financially. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or you’re leaving a disliked salaried job, it’s a bit of a jump into the unknown. However, compared to setting up other types of businesses, forging a freelancing career is relatively inexpensive. […]
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6 Ways Invoice Ninja Helps Introverted Freelancers

Freelancing is a fantastic career choice for an introverted personality type. A freelance lifestyle often involves long periods of time working alone (usually at home) interspersed with bursts of social activity. Many introverts thrive on working solo and don’t require the same amount of social stimulation their extroverted peers need. People leaning towards introversion can […]
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