Here at Invoice Ninja, we like to keep things fresh, so we’re constantly updating our site with new, revamped features and functions. A perfect example is the Client Portal, the place your clients go to manage all their Invoice Ninja activities with you. Viewing and paying invoices, checking payments and invoice history – and now, their very own Dashboard to keep up to date with a real time overview of their Total Invoice, Total Payment and Total Balance amounts.

Revamped Client DashboardYou can view the portal for each of your clients by going to any invoice addressed to the client, and clicking the View as Recipient link. You can find it on the invoice just below the Client details at the top left of the page.

And while we’re at it, we added some ‘nice-to-have’ extras, such as the auto-fill credit card on the Pay Now page. When the client starts typing their credit card number, the illustrated graphic of the credit card will show in real time. It’s all about making the Invoice Ninja experience easy, fun and colorful – for you, and for your clients.

Revamped Payment Page



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