What are the ingredients to create a happy customer? Of course, your customers must be satisfied with the service or goods you provide, in terms of quality, deadline and price. But there’s much more you can do to make your customers even happier. The good news is, with the Invoice Ninja client-side portal, you can give customers access to all the invoicing information they need to feel secure, confident and happy – without actually doing anything at all.

What’s the client-side portal, you ask? Well, just as you can visit your Invoice Ninja account any time to check your invoicing activity, so too your customers can access their current and past invoicing, in the same user-friendly Invoice Ninja interface.New Client-Sde Portal

The client portal features a similar taskbar to the one in your Invoice Ninja account, but it only includes the tabs that are relevant to your customer’s payment activities. So customers can view or download all past and current invoices, past payments and due payments, active and approved quotes, as well as their own dashboard (optional), which provides the bigger picture of all their past payments and amounts owing to you.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But hang on, as the business owner, perhaps you would like to see your client’s view of the portal? You can do that with just one click of course. When you create or view an invoice, click on the View as recipient link, which is located just beneath the client details at the top left side of the invoice. The invoice will open in the client portal, so you can see exactly how it looks to the customer. What’s more, you can click on one of the tabs on the taskbar to explore the portal of that particular client.

In the modern business world, you hear a lot about the importance of ‘transparency’. The Invoice Ninja client-side portal is the best way to build the trust that comes from transparency, giving your customers access to all their invoicing data – and giving you instant access to the customer’s view. What could be more transparent than that?

Sounds good?

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