Tired of the paper trail? Looking for an instant online solution to creating invoices and quotes? The Invoice Ninja system is designed to deliver the simplest digital invoicing experience that leaves old fashioned, time consuming methods behind.

For freelancers and owners of small businesses, keeping up with invoices and quotes can be a real challenge. There are clients to keep track of, constant influx of small and large jobs, pricing scales to remember, not to mention actually getting the work done so you can bill! With Invoice Ninja, you can create an invoice or quote in seconds.

Whether quoting for a potential gig or invoicing one you’ve already done, the first step is to enter the client in the system. Then, head over to the New Invoice/Quote page. When you open the page, you will automatically generate a new invoice or quote, with its own number based on the previous number. (Being a totally customizable system, you can manually override the automated numbering if you need to.)

Next, select the client from the Client field list. Then, enter the appropriate details, such as the invoice/quote date (today’s date appears as the default, but you can select any date you want), due date, PO number, discounts and more. Insert the items you are quoting or billing for, together with the unit number, rate and taxes (if applicable). The invoice or quote will automatically update to reflect the calculated billing amount, including any discounts, taxes, partial payments, and previous balances for this client. Any changes you make will be recalculated instantly, in the blink of an eye.

It may sound like a cliché, but it’s really as simple as 1-2-3. First, generate the invoice or quote. Next, select the client. Last, enter the job details. Then sit back and marvel. Everything else is handled automatically for you by the Invoice Ninja system.