Before the time comes to send an invoice, you’ve already been on quite a journey with your customer. Maybe they’re a repeat customer, or maybe a new customer referred by word of mouth or via a successful marketing campaign. Either way, they expressed interest in your company. Then, they described the service they’re looking for, and you had to provide a quotation or a pro-forma invoice, in order to come to a work agreement the works for you both.

All of these steps are covered by Invoice Ninja, with the Create Quotes function exclusively available for Pro Plan users.

The Invoice Ninja advantage is in the automatic conversion of the quote or pro-forma invoice to a formal invoice. When the time is right, your customer can accept the quote with the signature Invoice Ninja one-click approach. And the system instantly converts the quote to an invoice, without you having to lift a finger.

How? First, you’ll need to create the quote. You can do that by clicking New Quote, which appears under the Invoices tab on the main taskbar of the Invoice Ninja system. The Quotes / Create page will open. Complete all the necessary details, such as client name, date, due date, item description, rate, discounts, total charge and more, then click Email Quote.

What next? The customer receives your quote in an email. They click the View Quote button, and the quote opens on a web page. If they decide to approve it, they simply click the green Approve button that appears at the top right of the quote. When they click Approve, the quote is automatically converted to an invoice. You can view the invoice in your Invoices list, where it now appears with Draft status.

Seamless, smooth and simple. Your customers and you, working in symmetry to make invoicing what it should be.