Want to build your customer relationships? Need to step it up to a new level of personal? Here’s a simple way that Invoice Ninja gets your business looking personal, professional and oh-so payment friendly. As a Pro Plan user, you have the option to customize the URL of your invoices. So when a customer receives your invoice, it actually opens on an internet page featuring your company name in the web address.

Like so many advanced Invoice Ninja features, activating the custom URL for your invoices demands no more than a one-step click. To make your invoice web addresses personal to your business name, go to Advanced Settings > Email Settings. Next to Invoice Link, check Subdomain. Then, in the field immediately below, add your company name. For example, if the company name is “Discover Designs”, then the invoice web address will be “DiscoverDesigns.InvoiceNinja.com”. Whatever company name you choose, it will appear as the prefix of the InvoiceNinja.com invoice URL.7

Got your own website? Here’s another option for you. Customers can open your Invoice Ninja invoices directly on your website. To set up, go to Advanced Settings > Email Settings. Next to Invoice Link, check Website. Then, in the field immediately below, enter the URL for invoices on your website (for example: YourWesbite.com/invoices). Next, click on the question mark icon that appears to the right of the field. A window will open, featuring code for you to copy and embed as an iframe into your invoices web page. Once you’ve completed these steps, your customers will open your invoices on your business website. It doesn’t get more personal – or professional – than that.iFrame Embed

It may sound like a small detail, but don’t underestimate the power of having your company name in the invoice web address. Not only does it strengthen your presence as a business and brand, it also adds a level of professionalism that you just can’t achieve with generic web addresses for your online invoices.

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