We live in a visual world, and your invoicing is no exception. As a company owner, you want to stand out, and you should grab every opportunity you can to present a strong, unified image across all your activities. When it comes to invoicing, you need to customize your colors, fonts and layout to match all your other business documents and materials.

We know what you’re thinking. Surely this will involve either time, money or design experience. Luckily, you couldn’t be more wrong! With the Invoice Ninja Pro Plan, customizing your invoice design and colors is just another fast, simple way to boost your brand power during the invoicing process.

To customize your invoice colors, go to Advanced Settings > Invoice Design. First, open the Design drop-down menu and select a design template from among the ten options offered by Invoice Ninja. Whether your brand is Bold, Clean, Elegant or Hipster, choose the template that best reflects your essence.Customize Your Invoice Design

Then you can modify your invoice template a lot or just a bit, depending on the final result you want. Select your font type, font size and page size. Then customize your colors with the color selector tool. Choose the Primary color and Secondary color that characterize your brand, and they will be integrated smooth as silk in your invoice design.

Ultimately, invoicing is all about getting paid. But who says you can’t look your best while collecting payments? Make your invoices as eye catching and appealing as every other aspect of your business. All it takes is a few minutes and a few smart design choices.

Sounds good?

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