When you communicate with customers, you want to make it count. There’s nothing that says ‘standard invoicing letter’ more than a generic email asking for payment in boring plain language. Where’s the spark? Where’s the personalized message? Where’s your company’s unique voice?Customize Invoice Email Subjects

When you send an invoice, quote or payment email to a customer, it comes as a link or attachment inside an email from the Invoice Ninja system. We’ve already designed a basic email template, with a pretty straightforward, no-frills subject line and body text. As a Pro Plan user, you can change the subject line and body text to the voice and style of your choice. Want to make it light and friendly? Go ahead! Better to keep it cool, calm and official? No problem. Whatever you prefer, all it takes is a few moments to enter your text – and your invoice, quote, payment or reminder email can say everything you want it to.

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You can also customize your email signature to reflect exactly who you are every time you sign off. With Invoice Ninja’s HTML designer, create the email signature of your dreams. Font type, size, color, alignment, bold, italic, with or without a hyperlink – the choices are pretty endless. To create your HTML signature, go to Basic Settings > Company Details. Scroll to the Email Signature box at the bottom of the page. Do your magic and click Save.

To customize email subjects and body text, go to Advanced Settings > Templates & Reminders. In the Email Templates section, select the email you want to edit from among the Invoice, Quote and Payment tabs. Enter your wording in the Subject box and Body box. You’ll notice a real-time preview to the right of the data boxes. As you work, you can view the email as it will look to the customer – with your edits appearing live as you make them.

To customize your reminder emails, scroll down to the Reminder Emails section. Select the First, Second or Third Reminder tab, and edit away! Just like the Emails Templates section above, you can view the text changes in real time.

Don’t lose your voice among the chatter of the crowd. Stand out with invoicing emails that speak your customers’ language.

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