Configure Invoice Fields

At Invoice Ninja, we’ve always been about making your invoicing as personalized as possible. Well, things are about to get even more personal with the new Configure Invoice Fields feature. By popular demand, you can now configure your invoice fields from the ground up, which means you have total customization control over which fields you want to include, which you want to delete, and the order in which they appear on the invoice. You can even create custom fields based on your precise invoicing needs.

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For Enterprise users, configuring your invoice fields is as easy and intuitive as everything else about invoicing with Invoice Ninja. So how is it done? Go to Advanced Settings, and open the Invoice Design page. Click on the Invoice Fields tab, and you’ll see columns listing the invoice fields, divided into three logical sections:

Invoice Fields This is a list of data fields for the invoice information, such as invoice date, amount due, PO number and more.

Client Fields This is a list of data fields for client information, such as client name, email address, telephone number and more.

Company Fields This is a list of data fields for your company information, such as company name, VAT number, address and more.

You can choose to delete or reposition any of these fields, simply by hovering on the field name in the list. Click on the red X to remove the field from the invoice. Or, to reposition the field in the list, click the three gray lines, hold and drag. What’s more, you can select the Custom Field entry from the list to create new fields for an ultra-personalized touch.

And of course, you can enjoy live PDF changes in the invoice image at the bottom of the screen. With the configuration feature, you don’t just get to completely customize your own invoice fields. You get to see your changes happen in real time, so you know exactly what to expect. What could be more personal than that?

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