Is there anything that shouts “brand identity” louder than your logo? No matter what type of business you have, the logo – with its individualized color, design, font and graphics – is your unique stamp. Powerfully and instantly, it sets the visual tone of your business character.

With Invoice Ninja Pro Plan, your logo takes center stage as an inseparable part of every invoice you send to customers. You only need to upload it once to your account, and it will automatically appear on your invoices. Whether bold and beautiful, or subtle and sophisticated, don’t let your logo go to waste. Follow a couple of simple steps and make sure your logo is broadcast every time you send an invoice!

Even for the graphics novices among us, customizing your invoices with your company logo couldn’t be easier than with Invoice Ninja. To upload your logo, go to Settings > Company Details. Scroll down to the Logo entry, and click on Choose File. Search for your logo on your computer and select the relevant image file. Remember, Invoice Ninja supports logos in JPEG, GIF or PNG format. Once you’ve selected the image file, it will upload to the Company Details page, so you can see it before you save. Wrong file? Just click Remove logo, and upload a new one. Looks good? Scroll down to the bottom of the Company Details page and click the green Save button. From now on, all your invoices will feature your logo at the top left corner of the invoice, opposite your company contact details.

Your logo is your #1 marketing ambassador. It works 24/7, without you even knowing it. It is one of your most important brand assets. With Invoice Ninja, give it pride of place on every invoice, with the simplest one-time set up.

Sounds good?

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