New, Updated Dashboard Page

Invoice Ninja loves to stay current, and there’s nothing more refreshing than our (your) new and improved Dashboard.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetYou don’t have to tell us – we know exactly how important the Dashboard page is to the Invoice Ninja user experience. It’s your home on Invoice Ninja, the place you come back to every time you open your account, and the page you rely on to give you a one-glimpse picture of absolutely everything important that is going on right now with your invoicing.

Now, the Dashboard is even more user friendly, more intuitive, more fun to hang around in. Check it out!

Left is the New Right

The first thing you’ll notice is we’ve moved the main taskbar to a sidebar menu at the left of the screen, with a relaxing dark gray background so it doesn’t scream too loud. But it’s always there for you. The sidebar menu is a static feature that never changes, no matter where you are in the site. So you can always navigate your way around your Invoice Ninja account quickly and with ease.

new-scheme-screenshot-1Crystal Clear Currency

If you work in multiple currencies, you can view the entire Dashboard in each currency with a simple click of the mouse. Take a look at the very top section of the Dashboard page. You’ll see your currencies lined up in a row of buttons. Want to see your invoicing in another currency? Just click the button of the currency you want, and voila! The whole page refreshes to display the currency you selected. Jump between currencies for a faster than lightning overview. Go on, it’s fun!

Time Machine

Don’t waste time fiddling with dates and calendars. Make time work for you with the one-click invoicing time period function. Select the invoicing period you want to view via the Day, Week or Month buttons located next to the currency buttons. Just click to refresh all the Dashboard information according to your time specification. Of course, you can also customize the time period via the date field at the top right of the page.

new-scheme-screenshot-2Seeing is Believing

The new Dashboard page gives you more than just your financial numbers. It also gives you a visual graph of your invoices, payments and expenses so you can see with your own eyes exactly how your business is doing today. And of course, when you change the invoicing period, the graph will automatically refresh to reflect the updated figures.

What’s more, we’ve added a calculation of the average invoice amount to your Recent Payments list, so you can get a sense of your average income for the invoicing period you selected.

The new Invoice Ninja Dashboard hits true ninja level with extreme user functionality. But don’t hang around here reading about it. Go and enjoy it today!


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