Faster, smoother invoicing is all about reducing the number of clicks needed to create, update and send your invoices. Invoice Ninja is constantly streamlining the invoicing process with cool moves that let you get the job of invoicing done fast, so you can get back to working at your real job.

Customize Emails as Your Send InvoicesDepending on how fast your client pays, there are different templates of invoice emails you may need to send. Initial invoice email, first reminder email, second reminder email, and third reminder email. This is where our new fast-track Email Invoice function comes in. When it’s time to send an invoice by email, you can now select the template of the email you wish to send directly from the invoice page, and you can even customize it with a personal message and design features. How? Let’s see.

First, open the invoice page for the relevant invoice. Then, click the orange Email Invoice button. A pop-up box will open. Next, select the type of email you want to send by clicking on the drop down menu of the Template field. When you select the desired template, the email will instantly change to the email template you pre-defined in your Email Settings. And you can view it in real time in the preview section, just below.

Customize Emails as Invoice are SentBut there’s a whole lot more that you can do. To customize the email, click the Customize tab. Here, you can slightly edit or completely change the email text to get the right message across. Friendly or stern? Kind reminder or final warning? Make your message count with the right text for the particular client and payment situation. In addition, you can also adjust the formatting of the email via the toolbar that appears just below. Bold, italics, centered or bullet points? The choice is yours.

There’s so much freedom in this new feature to create the ideal email experience for your customer when they open your invoice email. Let your brand and your personality stand out from the minute your emails arrive in their inbox.

Sounds good?

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