So, you’ve created an invoice. It looks smart and professional; all the information is included. Now, you need to send it to the client. And then, they have to pay you. More steps in the road to completing the invoicing process.

None of this is tiresome with Invoice Ninja’s smooth invoicing procedure and one-click functionality. When your invoice is ready to be sent to the client, all you need to do is click the orange Email Invoice button that appears just below your invoice information. That’s it. Just one click. The invoice will be automatically sent to the email address you assigned to the client when you entered the client details. (You can change the email address at any time on the Client/Edit Details page. But don’t worry – before the email is sent, a dialog box will open, asking you to confirm that you want to send the email to the listed address.)

So when we say ‘instant’, we mean it. The invoice arrives immediately in your client’s Inbox. No old-fashioned ‘waiting for the postman’, and no confusion. Invoice Ninja records the date and time you sent the invoice, so you can keep track.

(If you prefer to send the invoice by regular email or even to print it so you can deliver it by hand or by snail mail, you can do that too. Just click the blue Download PDF button, and save the invoice PDF file to your computer or mobile device.)

But it’s not just about making it easier for you. Make it easy for your clients to pay you, and you’ll get paid faster. With Invoice Ninja, you can link your account to any of our 45+ online payment gateways so you can receive payment from clients instantly, online, direct to your account. When the client receives your online invoice, they can pay via a link to the payment gateway you selected. No waiting for the check in the mail, or constantly checking your bank account to see if the transfer has been authorized. With Invoice Ninja, the client clicks, the client pays, and the job is complete.

Now that’s what we call efficient.