There’s more than one type of client, and there’s more than one way to invoice. Sometimes, it’s a one-off gig for a one-time client. But one-time clients sometimes turn into regular clients with regular gigs that require recurring invoices. And regular clients can disappear, only to reappear again when they need you for a one-off gig. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an invoicing system that allowed for all the various combinations, letting you move between them as the need arises? Invoice Ninja is just that system, with a feature that lets you enable or disable the ‘recurring’ setting when cloning an invoice.

Cloning invoices is a great feature that saves tons of time and effort. Instead of re-entering all the invoice information for a similar job, you can just clone an existing invoice, and edit any details that need changing. And now, you can even enable the recurring setting when cloning a regular invoice – or alternatively, when you clone a recurring invoice, you can disable recurring and change it to a one-time invoice. It’s all a matter of increasing the flexibility purpose built into the Invoice Ninja system that takes into account the million-and-one possible permutations of your invoicing needs. Changing the recurring setting when cloning invoices. Another invoicing problem solved by Invoice Ninja? You bet.

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