Enable Setting ‘BCC’ Address for Invoice & Quotation Emails

If you’ve ever wondered how your Invoice Ninja emails, invoices and receipts look to your clients, you never have to wonder again. Now, you can get your client’s perspective delivered straight to your inbox by activating the BCC email address setting.

When you opt to enable the BCC email address setting, Invoice Ninja will automatically send a copy of all invoices, quotes, receipts and reminders that are sent to your clients, instantly and directly to the email address that you provide. So every time your clients receive an email from your Invoice Ninja account, you’ll receive it too. And, since it’s BCC, your email address is completely hidden, so the client won’t know that you’ve also received the email. It’s the easiest and most discreet way to keep track of all your communications with clients, so you can be sure who is receiving what emails, when they are receiving them, and how they look to the client.

Enable 'BCC' for Invoice Emails

To enable the BCC email option, go to Advanced Settings > Email Settings. Then, enter the email address of your choice in the BCC Email field. It doesn’t have to be the email address already linked to your Invoice Ninja account – select any email address you want.

It’s really that easy to get the complete client perspective instantly and automatically with the new BCC email option by Invoice Ninja.

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