Every small business is different and unique. The services you provide, your clientele, your customer service approach – in every way, your freelance business is a reflection of you. Even your invoicing needs are different from everyone else. You have your own way of billing clients, collecting payments and managing customer relationships. So why shouldn’t your invoicing software precisely reflect your invoicing needs?

Enable or Disable Navigation ModulesWith Invoice Ninja, you can make your invoicing software look and act exactly the way you want. You can create an invoicing home that gives you what you need, and removes all the parts that don’t interest you. And in the true Invoice Ninja tradition, making the invoicing system truly your own is just a matter of a few simple steps.

It all comes down to our Enable/Disable Modules feature. This feature gives you the option to remove any parts of the Invoice Ninja system that you are not using or that are not relevant to your business at this moment.

For example, say your business is about selling personalized t-shirts. You charge per product, right? You don’t charge by the hour, nor according to specific tasks. So why not disable the Tasks module? Then, it will automatically disappear from your Invoice Ninja account, and you’ll no longer see it in the navigation bar. Which means a clearer, more focused invoicing experience for you. And if you ever decide to extend your business to include the Tasks approach to charging customers, then you can enable the Tasks module once again.

It’s never been easier to customize the invoicing experience than with Invoice Ninja’s new approach that supports enabling/disabling of modules. It’s all about providing you with the support you need to make Invoice Ninja your true invoicing home.


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