NEW – Attach 3rd Party Files to Invoices, Quotes & Expenses

Sometimes, a simple invoice or quote is just not enough to satisfy customers. There are times when you need to provide more details, more background information – the ‘bigger picture’. When it comes to sending invoices and quotes, less is definitely not more.

The Invoice Ninja Enterprise plan includes a feature that lets you give customers all the information – and more – that they need to be confident and assured about your services. Enterprise users can attach a wide range of 3rd party files to invoice and quote emails. You can send proposals, contracts, presentations, illustrations, samples – anything you can think of that supports your quote or invoice with relevant, targeted information. What file do you want to send? PDF, Excel sheet, Word document, JPEG picture, PowerPoint presentation, PSD image file – you name it, it can be attached to your invoice or quote, as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum size guideline of up to 10 MB.

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Attaching a 3rd party file is simple, but you need to enable the feature first. Go to Advanced Settings > Email Settings and check Enable for Attach PDFs and Attach Documents. Then, next time you want to attach a file, go to New Invoice or New Quote, click the Documents tab, located next to the Footer tab in the body of the invoice, and upload the relevant file. It will be sent to your customer as an attachment to the invoice or quote email.

You can also embed images on your actual invoice or quote. By uploading a JPEG, PNG or other image file, you can dress up your quote or invoice with any picture you choose. First, enable the embed feature by going to Advanced Settings > Invoice Design > Invoice Options. Then, check Embed Documents, and you’re good to go!

(And the cherry on top? Third party files attached to your expenses will be carried over automatically when they become invoices. Less work, more efficiency.)

Say good bye to bland quotes that can’t do the job of explaining the advantages you offer. No more boring invoices that don’t present the true results of your work. For Enterprise users, Invoice Ninja’s 3rd party file attachment feature redefines the concept of ‘customer friendly’.

NEW – Create Permissions for Multiple-Users

A little bit of control can go a long way…especially when it comes to permissions for your Invoice Ninja account. If you’re more than a one-person show, if you have a sales team, project collaborators, company auditors, bookkeeping staff, business partners or anyone else who may need to access your invoicing activity, with Invoice Ninja’s Enterprise plan, you can give them the access they need – without giving up control.

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The Enterprise version of Invoice Ninja allows you to give varying levels of permission to up to 20 users of your account. Users can create, view or edit invoices and quotes, but you maintain total control with four different levels of user permission at your fingertips. Let’s explore them now:

Administrator: Top-level ninja invoicing capabilities with total control (that would be you!)

Create clients/invoices: Medium-level ninja, can create new clients/invoices/quotes

View all clients/invoices: ‘Look, don’t touch’ users can view all clients, invoices and other entries, but cannot edit or take any other action

Edit all clients/invoices: Editor-level ninja, can modify and make changes to clients, invoices and other entries

So, how do you assign users and permissions to your account? Go to Advanced Settings > User Management. You’ll see a current list of all users and their permission level. To add a new user, click the blue Add User + button. On the Create User page, enter their Name and Email address, and then select the permission level. Click Send Invitation to invite them to become a user of your account. When they accept, they’ll be automatically added with the permission level that you selected.

For Invoice Ninja Enterprise plan subscribers, you have the choice to add up to 20 users, but the control always remains in your hands. After all, it’s nobody’s business but yours.

Sounds good?

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