• Getting Started

    Do I need to enter a credit card to open an account?

    No, you don’t need to provide any payment details to create a free Invoice Ninja account. If you choose to sign up for Pro or Enterprise, you will then need to provide payment details.

    Can I try out the free version before deciding if I want to upgrade to Pro?

    Of course! Sign up for the free version. You can choose to upgrade to Pro at any time.

    I run two separate businesses. Can I use Invoice Ninja for both?

    Yes! You can run up to five separate invoicing accounts for your businesses, under one Invoice Ninja login with no extra fees. First, create one business account. Then, go to the business name button that appears at the top right of any screen in your Invoice Ninja account. Click the button and a drop down menu will open. Select Manage Companies, then Add Company.

    I need to charge clients in multiple currencies. How does it work?

    Invoice Ninja works with over 50 currencies. You can set your default currency on the Settings > Localization page. To set other currencies for specific clients, go to the client’s Overview page and click Edit client. Select the currency in the Currency field, which you’ll find in the Additional info section.

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  • General

    Is Invoice Ninja free?

    Yes! Invoice Ninja offers a totally free package. It’s a robust invoicing program that gives all the features that a freelancer or small business needs. If you have a larger business or more advanced needs, you can upgrade to the Pro or Enterprise versions.

    What are the main differences between the free, Pro and Enterprise versions?

    The free version allows you to invoice up to 100 clients, while Pro and Enterprise give you unlimited clients. The Pro version includes a bunch of advanced features, on top of all the free features. And Enterprise gives all the free and Pro features, plus multiple user capabilities and more. To find out about the three different Ninja plan options, go here.

    Why should I upgrade to Pro?

    It’s true the free version is quite robust, but the Pro version gives you more creativity, personalization, and settings preferences. With Ninja Pro, you can truly brand your invoices with the look and feel of your company, bringing your invoicing game to the highest level.

    Ninja Pro offers 10 professional invoice templates, numerous advanced settings options, removal of Invoice Ninja branding, custom URLs, multi-user account access and much more. Check out all the features available for the different versions here.


    Is the Invoice Ninja app really free?

    The mobile apps for Apple iOS and Android mirror the web-app, and they’re available for all accounts: Free, Pro and Enterprise. No matter which version of Invoice Ninja you choose, the mobile app is always free.

    (Please note: For self-hosting users, the app cost is $20/ year. Find out more about self hosting in the Technical/Self Hosting section.)

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  • Features

    Can I customize my invoicing URL?

    If you are a Pro/Enterprise user, you can. Go to Advanced Settings > Email Settings. Scroll down to the Invoice Link section and select Website. You’ll need to provide a link to your website, and embed the code on your relevant web page. Click on the small question mark icon next to the text field to get a copy of the code.

    How so I set up automatic reminder emails to send to clients whose invoices are still unpaid?

    Go to Advanced Settings/ Templates & Reminders. Scroll down to Reminder Emails. You can send up to three automatic reminder emails. Make sure to check “Send automatically” and define a time frame.

    Then customize each reminder email with your own message, subject header and formatting.

    What is the product library and how does it work?

    The product library is a list of popular services or items you frequently include in your invoices. For example, a product might be “one hour of graphic design”, with a set charge of $100. You can create and save as many products as you like. Then, when creating an invoice, the products will appear in a drop-down menu in the Item column. Select the product, add the quantity, and the line item cost is calculated automatically and added to the invoice.

    The product library feature saves you from having to retype information about your line items when you create or edit an invoice.

    How do I use the Tasks section?

    You can bill clients according to time spent on a project. Click the + sign on the Tasks tab in the main sidebar menu or open the Tasks list page and click New Task. Select the Client and Project from the drop down menus, then click Timer and Start to begin timing the project. To manually enter time spent on a project, check Manual.

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  • Payments

    How do I set up online payments?

    To enable your customers to pay you online, you’ll need to set up online payments. You do this by integrating your Invoice Ninja account with a payment gateway. To set up online payments, go to Settings > Online Payments. Select the payment gateway you want, and follow the instructions. Each gateway setup will be a bit different. Click here to learn about all the available payment gateways.

    What is auto billing?

    Auto billing is a feature that securely stores the client’s credit card details, so you can automatically charge their card according to a pre-defined amount and frequency. Auto billing saves you loads of time and energy. Instead of sending an invoice and waiting for the client to pay, you can set up automatic recurring payments via their credit card.

    Which payment gateways support auto billing?

    Auto billing is available with WePay, Stripe and Braintree.


    How can I update a credit card that is already on file?

    First you’ll need to delete the old credit card. Go to Advanced Settings > Credit Cards & Banks. Delete the old card from the list, and add the new one.

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  • Technical/ Self Hosting

    How can I implement a custom feature?

    Go to our GitHub page.

    What is token billing?

    Token billing is the technical term for auto billing. Token billing enables credit card storage within a payment gateway, so the card can be charged at a later date. Token billing facilitates automatic recurring payments from your client’s credit card, pre-defined according to amount and frequency. Token/auto billing is available in your Invoice Ninja account via WePay, Stripe and Braintree.

    How do I know my API key?

    Your API Key is generally found in the Account Settings or personal details section of your payment gateway account (ie. Paypal.com, Stripe.com, Authorize.net, etc). Make sure to use your secret API Key, not the publishable API Key, and that your account is “live” and not in test or demo mode.

    What is the API request limit?

    The API limit is 1000 requests per hour.

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  • Zapier

    How do I create an invoice after receiving a payment?

    Create a zap with the value ‘Paid’ set to total amount.

    How can I create an invoice with multiple items in Zapier?

    You can do this by using array support. Find out more on this Zapier help page.

    How much does it cost to use Zapier?

    Zapier’s “Work” package suits most small businesses or freelancers, with fees starting at $20/ month. Another alternative for your integration needs is Integromat, a partner of Invoice Ninja that provides flexible plans and cost options.

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