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    I’m using the self-hosted version of invoice ninja, v.4.5.10. I couldn’t find any relevent laravel-error.log errors.

    When I select Letter for the page size, the right margin width is set larger than what it is for line items. So, the orange invoice # box formats fine to the wider margin, but the blue header ends up cutting off the “Line Total” to “Line Tot”, and it looks like the balance due line also has the wider margin width, although the amount is not cut off.

    This is a clean installation, and I have only entered business information, logo, payment gateway & my first couple invoices.

    Any suggestions how I might go about fixing this formatting error? If I set the page size to A4, the formatting error goes away, but I need to use Letter size.

    I can post a screen shot if that helps, just let me know where I should upload the image, thx!

    Thanks so much!


    Hillel Coren

    The invoice designs are optimized for A4, if you change the page size you’d need to create a custom to design to fix alignment problems.

    You can also submit a request here for help:

    Customize Invoice Ninja



    With a bit of fiddling, here’s the two formatting changes required to make the template compatible with Letter sized pages:

    Under Customize Design–>Content
    navigate the folder tree to change the following two “w” values:

    array–>2–>canvas–>0–> set w to a value of 531
    array–>4–>columns–>1–>stack–>1–>canvas–>0–> set w to a value of 205

    that’s about all that seems needed,
    hope it’s helpful to others,


    Hillel Coren

    Awesome, thanks for sharing the solution!



    @madumi Thank you so much for posting this info, it worked perfectly.

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