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    we are working with invoice ninja in germany and the german laws are quite complicated 🙁

    First simetimes we need to write credit pdfs (this is working i Searched a lot for this feature until I find, that I have to add – before the prize 😀 a litte bit hidden this feature xD )

    The second thing is when we need to cancel an invoice we must write a cancelling invoices to the customer.
    This invoice must have the same ID as the invoice and a text that reffers to the invoice that we want to cancel. The rest must look like the invoice with articles prizes …
    Is there a way to generate a pdf with the text cancelling invoices(in german Stornorechnung) on top and a cancel id (german stornoid) ?


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    Sorry correction the canceling invoice must have a own id so copy invoice with the text is correct. It is like the credit but with other text instead of invoice canceling (german storno) for the fields.



    ok sorry for the spamming I spoke with our tax consultant and a credit is ok it depends on the Tax office but its not totally clear (stupid law -,- )
    So this feature does not seem to be needed Sorry,

    Greetings Epytir


    Hillel Coren

    You can create a credit note by creating a negative invoice. You can optionally enable a separate credit counter on Settings > Invoice Settings.

    In the next version of the app we plan to change this so that credits are more like invoices and quotes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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