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    Hi support,

    I’m using the hosted version and since a few days the clients have issues to pay invoices via Credit Card (Stripe).
    The error was a generic (declined by bank without further reason) and I thought it’s an issue with the card issuer. As it happened to several cards and clients I dug deeper and saw that in the POST request two “0” were added to the billed amount.
    E.g.: Invoice is 100’000 JPY which is displayed correctly within the clients invoice, but Stripe received a request for 10’000’000 JPY
    POST Request which arrives in Stripe:
    “amount”: “10000000”,
    “currency”: “JPY”,
    “confirmation_method”: “manual”,
    “confirm”: “true”,
    “description”: “Invoice XXXX”,
    “payment_method”: “XXXX,
    “setup_future_usage”: “off_session”,
    “save_payment_method”: “true”,
    “customer”: “cus_XXXX”

    Could you please look into this issue asap?

    Thank you in advance!



    It was working on August 23rd and the first issue occurred August 26th.


    Hillel Coren

    Please compare against older requests, I believe the value/format is correct.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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