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    Dear Hilal
    We are integrating on your invoice app with our payment gateway, with Migs 3D way but lately and according to our bank the problem is that the bank wants us to stop using our Invoice ninja online because, when you click pay now it takes you to page whereas you must put your credit card details. it should be only entry of user details in case of 3 d secure
    The Bank is asking if you are a PCI compliant! If not, then you should not take credit card info on your page for 3 way payment.

    I am using 2 version of invoice ninja ( your app and a self-hosted version )
    on my self-hosted version, I modified the page to request only user details
    Please see this:

    and here on your app – See here the difference:

    2- Your app interface: https://awt.invoice.services/view/amgb4qp7mdbf0qxssvy71pzxp5iwaakx?silent=true

    It is asking for the credit card details twice.

    Now I use your app all the time online for our invoices, as it is most updated but since it is asking my client for Credit card details twice, is it annoying and is upsetting the bank since you are not PCI certified

    My question is are you able to hide asking for credit card details in case of 3-way payment as I did above in the first link are you able to do this update?

    Thanks a lot
    All the best
    Aladdin Khalifa


    Hillel Coren

    The hosted version of the app is PCI compliant.

    PCI Compliance

    With the self host version setting is_offsite to true in the gateways table may help.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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