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    Most of my clients still mail in checks. A lot of times, they will pay multiple invoices in one check. What is the best practice for entering payments?
    I typically will enter the invoice as the payment amount, and just go back and use the same check number for the second and third invoice.

    is there another way of doing this that will pay them all at once?


    Hillel Coren

    Sorry, it isn’t supported.

    One option would be to pay the full amount against one invoice. This would create a credit which could be used to pay the other invoices, not sure if that would help though…



    I have the same problem. I do as Hillel says : register the check as a payment for the first invoice, which indeed leads to the creation of a credit. Than open the second invoice of your customer and apply the credit, same with third invoice if necessary. It’s the truest to reality way according to me.

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