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    Peter Buyst

    Hi, I bought a yearly upgrade to InvoiceNinja Pro last week and am very satisfied with the tool so far.
    As my business is located in Belgium, there is no option to automatically connect my bank (Kredietbank) to InvoiceNinja, so i have been trying (in vain so far) to find a good way to download my bank data, reformat it (using some macros in excel) and upload it to InvoiceNinja. I was trying to use the CSV format, but it seems from the online dialogue, that i can only upload outgoing payments, not incoming ones that way. SO i was experimenting with the JSON format but i always keep getting errors (as i am not a really experienced coding expert).
    I cannot imagine that my issue is unique across all your international customers, so i have been looking to find a good example of a JSON file i can use to upload incoming and outgoing payments. i can then use the download feature from my bank, transform that into the JSON format and upload to InvoiceNinja. I realize i will have to manually link the transfers to the correct customers, suppliers and invoices but i will do that online or (as a second step) figure out later how to also do this in JSON.

    Many thanks,


    Hillel Coren

    I would strongly advise against trying to create a JSON file, it’s a custom format designed to transfer data from one Invoice Ninja install to another. Using Zapier (or a similar solution) would probably be a better option.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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