With Invoice Ninja, an address is not just an address – when you enter a client’s street address to the Client Details page, a Google map showing their location will automatically display on their Client page.

If you never entered the client’s address manually, don’t worry. When the client pays you via the Invoice Ninja system, they are required to enter their address. When they do, their Client page will automatically update with the Google map showing their location. So you get all the benefits of having a Google map with their location at your fingertips, without having to lift a finger.New Feature - Google Maps Display

If you do want to enter the client’s address, and have the Google map ready in an instant, it’s simple. Click on the Clients tab of the main taskbar. Find the relevant client in the list and click to open their Client page. Then click the gray Edit Client button in the top right corner of the page. On the Clients > Edit page, scroll to the Address box, at the bottom left. Enter the client’s address details, and click the green Save button. You’ll be automatically redirected to the View Client page, and the Google map will be waiting for you.

They say a picture tells a thousand words. What better way to tell you customer’s location than via Google maps?

Sounds good?

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