No free option. Min. $15/ month with limited clients.

Even the most basic users will be out of pocket, with a $15 plan without unlimited clients.

Forever Free plan includes comprehensive features.

The free plan is unlimited, which means the invoicing system is actually free, forever. The free plan includes a full range of features, including up to 100 clients with unlimited invoices. Small business owners and freelancers can realistically use the free plan without having to upgrade to paid plans.


Limited invoice customization.

Invoice customization is pretty bare. The user can add a logo, change the colors and choose between two template designs and fonts. The invoices look nice enough, but there’s no room for true branding or for giving invoices a really personalized touch.

Super customization features.

Invoice customization and design is almost endless with new options added all the time. Choose from up to ten templates, change the fields placement, use the color tool to adjust the color selections, add HTML signatures to email signatures and more. For users with design experience, templates can be customized with pdfmake.

Client Portal

Your clients must create an account to view their history.

Clients can view the current invoice by clicking on the PDF link in the invoice notification email. But if they want to view older invoices, or check their invoicing history, they’ll need to sign up for an account. Less than ideal accessibility.

Your clients can access all invoicing history without signing up.

When the client opens the PDF invoice, they can view their entire invoicing history with the user. They don’t need to sign up for an account or provide any other details. The user can assign a password for the client portal to increase security, but there’s no need to inconvenience clients by making them sign up.

Online Payments

Very few/limiting options.

Just a handful of payment processing options, including direct credit card payments via WePay, Paypal, Stripe

40+ payment gateways supported globally!

With more than 40 payment gateways supported, global users have the widest possible range of payment processing options. This makes working with clients worldwide simple.

Look & Feel

Funky, young design – targeted to millennial users.

For younger users, or those who like a bit of cool, this system has a loose and light design with inspirational quotes and lots of cute graphics.

Professional, intuitive, solid – suitable for all clients.

Business-like yet extremely intuitive, this system has a more solid, conservative design, with bold, distinctive elements that make it easy to navigate.

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