Let's take a look at how Wave, an invoicing product developed as an add-on to accounting software, compares to Invoice Ninja, a product 100% dedicated to expert invoicing for freelancers and small businesses.

Invoice Design

Limited design options

Wave offers three invoice design templates, with one color accent selection. Additional functionality was recently added, so users can now edit the column names and hide complete columns.

Comprehensive design options

Invoice Ninja provides the deepest invoice design possibilities available in just about any online invoicing software, including Wave. Users can choose from up to 10 templates, numerous fonts, colors, footer text, notes, field name customization, and much more. There's even the option to customize invoice templates with pdfmake, for users with more advanced design experience.

Payments Processing

Limited number of payment partners

Wave provides integrated credit card payments via Stripe to approximately 20 countries. Payment options for users outside the US are incredibly limited.

50+ payment gateways supported

Invoice Ninja integrates with more than 50 payment gateways all over the world, which makes for a truly international invoicing capability. In addition, users in North America can accept direct card payments via Invoice Ninja with the support of WePay.


No Auto-Billing.

Although Wave provides a recurring invoicing feature, there is no option for auto billing. So users can automate their invoicing, but it doesn't extend to automatic billing of repeat customers.

Yes Auto-Billing Available via WePay, Stripe & Braintree

Invoice Ninja enables auto billing via 3 payment processors, so users can enjoy the benefits of automated billing for regular repeat customers. Of course, there is also a recurring invoicing feature for customers who like to pay with one of the other 50 payment gateways offered by Invoice Ninja.

Invoice Preview

Click to preview invoice

When creating an invoice, the user must click Preview to view the invoice design. To return to working on the invoice, the user must click Edit. A few extra clicks add up to a lot of extra time and energy when working on multiple invoices.

Live PDF creation & display

With Invoice Ninja, users can view live PDF display of the invoice while they are creating it. No click or refresh required. The invoice PDF is updated in real time while the user is working on it.

Archived Invoices

No way to view deleted entries

Once an invoice or customer is deleted, there's no way to view or restore the entry. This creates an incomplete user history, as well as extra work to re-enter the data from scratch should the need arise.

Entries can be viewed and restored after deleting or archiving

After deleting or archiving an invoice, customer or any other data entry, users can view deleted entries with a simple check of the View box. Users also have the option to restore a deleted or archived entry at any time.


Must navigate to list page to create new entry

In order to create a new invoice, customer or vendor, the user must go to the relevant section in the sidebar menu, open the drop down sub-menu, navigate to the list page, and then click on the Create button featured on the list page. Way too many steps for a simple and vital function.

Create new entry from any page, directly from the sidebar

Users click on the + symbol on any tab on the sidebar menu to automatically open a Create page (i.e. Create Invoice, Create Client, Create Payment, Create Task, Create Product and more). Just one click from anywhere on the site. In addition, the new keyboard shortcuts feature means that the user can navigate to a Create page without interruption.

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