Like Wave, Zoho is an invoicing solution developed by a more general business software provider; just one software solution among a varied range of products. So how does Zoho rate next to the pure invoicing focus of Invoice Ninja? Let's explore the pros and cons.


Free up to 5 clients only.

Zoho's free plan is very limited in terms of clients. Users are allowed up to 5 clients only, which means the free plan is not really free for any business looking to grow.

Free forever with 100 clients + unlimited invoices!

Invoice Ninja's free plan allows up to 100 clients. This is an excellent free option for freelancers and small businesses with plenty of room for growth, making it a truly 'free forever' option.

Payment Gateways

limited payment gateways.

While Zoho offers more payment gateway options than other online invoicing programs, it still offers far fewer than Invoice Ninja. Three of the nine available payment gateways are Paypal or Paypal-owned.

40+ payment gateway options

Invoice Ninja offers more than 40 payment gateway options, including a range of international and local payment processors. With Invoice Ninja, the entire globe has great payment coverage, and there are even specialized payment options available, such as Bitcoin.

Client Portal Password

Client must create password to enter portal.

While it's great to be able to provide password protection for the client portal, with Zoho there is no option. Zoho's client portal can only be accessed by the client with a password. There's zero choice and zero flexibility.

Client portal password protect optional.

With Invoice Ninja, the user can choose to password protect the client portal, or to leave it unprotected. What's more, the user can create a customized password for each client, or enable the system to automatically generate a random password for each client.



Outside of the Zoho solutions suite, the only integrations available are Slack, Google and Microsoft. This severely limits the user's options to integrate apps to their invoicing account.


Invoice Ninja offers integrations with Zapier, PieSync and Integromat, a powerful combination that punches above its weight when it comes to integrating apps.

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