Freelancing is often a one-person show.  Or you might be a business owner with staff to take care of. Either way, there’s one thing every company has in common, no matter how big or small. Products and services. It’s what you sell; it’s what you do; it’s who you are. Whether you offer a small selection of specialized services, or thousands of products in your inventory, Invoice Ninja’s product library system is the perfect antidote to the potential chaos of invoicing for products and services.

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How’s so? Like everything else about Invoice Ninja, it’s simple. The product library is a list – created by you – of predefined products and/or services that you offer, including the set cost. Add as many products and services to the library as you like. When you create an invoice, you can select a product from the library via a drop down menu that appears in the Item column. The product name, description and cost will be automatically updated in the invoice. All that’s left for you to do is specify the number of units in the Quantity column, and Invoice Ninja will calculate the final cost for the item.

To create your product library, go to Basic Settings > Product Library. Click the Add Product button. Enter the Product name, any helpful Notes, and the Cost per product. Click Save. Congrats! You’ve added a product to your library. Continue adding all the products and services you want, particularly those frequently in demand. Then, when you create or edit invoices, you can add the item from the product library list – without needing to waste time typing in the product yet again…

Minimize time, effort and frustration. Create your product library and bring harmony to your invoicing.

Sounds good?

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