What are Kanban Boards?

Kanban board apps allow you to create and map your workflow process. Vertical columns act as stages in a project process. These stages form the basis of a project’s timeline, from the pre-work planning, , work in progress, and postwork notations. Each column name can be fully customized to match you or your unique process.

Visualize your workflow

At Invoice Ninja we have created our own Kanban boards which can be used to plan, update, and analyze your workflows. The columns and cards can be customized to suit your exact work habits and strategies.

Time-track individual tasks

Best of all, our task time tracking feature allows you to accurately record every second spent on each individual task, thereby allowing you to quickly transfer this time data to the relevant invoice.

Easy to Create Tasks

Kanban boards provide a highly effective way to easily manage your daily tasks, whether as part of a single client project or your workflow as a whole. At Invoice Ninja, we’ve developed our very own Kanban boards. They have every option you need to plan, manage, sort, and delegate tasks, in order to improve your project management and productivity. They can be fully integrated with the rest of our invoicing and time-tracking features helping to speed up your work processes even further.

We’ve spent years listening to our Users and building features requested by our community. Give Invoice Ninja a try, you’ll save time in your work day and you’ll get paid faster!

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