Your time is precious. Time is money. When you’re running your own business from day to day, who doesn’t love a shortcut?

That’s why we’ve created a new feature to cut your invoicing time and make it go just that little bit faster. It’s the Keyboard Shortcuts feature. Now, when you’re working on your accounts in Invoice Ninja, you can use our easy keyboard shortcuts to navigate the site as quickly as possible. Instead of clicking on the tab with your mouse, or scrolling through menus, you can jump to any list page, ‘Create’ page, your Dashboard, the Help page or any other page in your Invoice Ninja account simply by pressing the letter key code for the page you want.

Keyboard Shortcuts

It’s a really simple and intuitive feature. First, make sure your cursor is not active in a field onscreen. Then, type the letter, symbol or combination of letters (one after the other) to reach the desired page. You don’t even have to hold down the Ctrl button. ¬†Just enter the letters and voila! The page you selected will open instantly and automatically.

Need to create a new invoice? Take your cursor off the screen and press N I. Want to get to the Dashboard without using your mouse? Press D. For a full list of keyboard shortcut codes, check out the Keyword Shortcuts Chart:keyboard-shortcutsIt’s the quickest way to move between pages while you’re typing, so you can work on your invoices uninterrupted!

Sounds good?

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