If managing one company takes tons of time and energy, imaging running multiple companies at the same time! For owners of more than one company, every step you can take to streamline the operations is a step in the right direction.

Imagine if you could manage all the invoicing and payments of your companies, from one account, with one log in? With Invoice Ninja, you don’t need to imagine. You can manage multiple companies – up to 5 to be exact – from the same account. That’s right – the entire Invoice Ninja system, with all the functions and features you’ve come to love, in separate, yet interlinked accounts for all your businesses.


No need to jump between programs and log ins. Forget having to memorize numerous user names and passwords. Long gone are the days of getting confused about which business account you’re working on…

Use Invoice Ninja to manage the invoicing of multiple companies, in one, convenient, secure location. How? Notice the blue company name button located at the top right of the taskbar? It always shows the company account you are working on now. To move between companies, click on the company name button and a drop down menu will open displaying a list of all your companies. Just select the company you want to work on, and you’re there, in an instant. It’s that easy to move between all your company accounts – no fuss and no time wasted.

What better way to manage all your companies than via the ultimate streamlined invoicing system that puts you in complete control?


Sounds good?

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