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Is it Ever a Good Idea for a Freelancer to Work for Free?

Every freelance professional, at one time or another, has been asked to work for free. Ask any freelancer, in any sector, and they will have a story to tell about a prospect who considered payment as optional. Which begs the question, is it ever a good idea for a freelancer to work for free?  Whether […]
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Partner Highlight: Piesync from Hubspot

PieSync from HubSpot: Have your Invoice Ninja clients data in sync with your other business applications Over 10 years ago, with the boom of cloud applications, small and medium-sized businesses gained access to top business software. Until then, those were only attainable for big companies. During this decade, SaaS companies became more sophisticated, flexible and […]
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Why Being a Thought Leader is Essential for Solopreneurs

It’s estimated that a quarter of the American workforce are solopreneurs. With so many millions of solo-professionals – from business consultants and life coaches to freelance writers and web designers – there’s a lot of fierce competition. And this is why being a thought leader is so essential for any ambitious solopreneur, especially those aiming […]
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