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PieSync Integration Benefits Freelancers

For freelance professionals, there’s nothing more important than enjoying a smooth cash flow. Conflicting data, confusing updates, and muddled communications can have a negative impact on both workflow and the resulting payment times. That’s why at Invoice Ninja we recently integrated with PieSync, a cloud-based two-way data synchronization platform. PieSync allows you to create deep […]
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Negotiating tips to maneuver & earn more

When it comes to earning more as a freelancer, the ability to negotiate well can offer you a huge advantage. The idea of negotiation can be a frightening prospect for many freelancers, yet to earn the money you need it’s vital to hone your negotiating skills. In this sense, you need the ninja qualities of […]
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7 Expenses Your Clients Really Should Pay

As a freelance professional, it’s important you get paid for every second you spend working on a client project. These billable seconds include not only the actual work itself but also all the little bits and pieces which go into supporting the work effort, and things like client relations and payment processes. There are expenses […]
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Freelancer Guide to Time-Tracking

Time is of the essence is a frequently used term in business, and this is especially the case for freelance professionals. Freelancing usually involves juggling multiple different client projects and tasks at any one moment, with strict adherence to schedules being a vital factor in meeting deadlines and getting paid on time. It’s for this […]
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The History and Future of Online Invoicing

We take online invoicing for granted nowadays. Every week we send or receive electronic invoices from clients and businesses worldwide. Yet behind these smooth, fast, and often automated billing processes is a fascinating invoicing history of technological innovation. Invoices in themselves are nearly as old as human civilization. We’ve been writing invoice documents to customers […]
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7 Ways to Prepare for Being Sick as a Freelancer

One of the biggest drawbacks to being a freelancer is the damage sickness can do to your business. When you work as an employee you get ‘sick days’ where you can recover at home and forget about work completely. Your colleagues keep things going in your absence. But as a freelancer, you’re often left alone […]
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