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How to Raise Your Rates as a Freelancer

Working long hours for low pay can be extremely demoralising. You ventured into freelancing with hopes of working from home and earning a lot of money doing what you love. But the freelancing fees you set when you first began have not been raised upwards and you’re afraid to charge more in case you fail […]
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Itemize Your Freelance Invoices for Clearer Billing and Better Working Relationships

For freelancers, getting paid on-time is of the utmost importance. A clear and detailed invoice encourages timely payment and provides an important financial record for both you and your client. It also lets clients see exactly where their money is going, decreasing the chance of misunderstandings and payment disputes. An itemized invoice can help you […]
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2017 Collaboration Trends: Tech and Non-tech

How business teams coordinate and the technology they use to interact changes rapidly each year. 2017 is definitely not the exception, as teams look for innovative ways to keep tasks on time and meetings productive there are a host of new technology features and new collaboration philosophies that will come in handy. Let’s dive into […]
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Auto-billing 101

Simply the Best: Auto-Billing at Your Fingertips If you have clients that need to be billed on a regular basis, then you know exactly how time consuming this can be. First, you have to keep their credit card or bank details on file. Next, you must remember the date of the upcoming invoice. And then, […]
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3 Tools that Make Freelancing Easier

For more and more of us, the freelance life is where it’s at. But just because indie work is the most flexible and fulfilling way to make a living doesn’t mean it’s easy. And even when things are going extremely well, the pipeline of relevant leads is flowing and being converted into a steady stream […]
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3 Reasons Freelancers Are Dumping PayPal

Every so often, a product name that was once a household term becomes irrelevant and starts to fall off the radar. With the company’s recent restructuring and aggressive plans for innovation, PayPal is certainly not off the radar yet, but it’s also no longer hailed as the amazing solution that it once was – not […]
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How to Calculate the Monetary Value of Your Time

With great freedom comes great responsibility. Freelancers can earn more, can set our own schedules and can have more creative freedom, but as masters of our own destinies, we get no paid sick leave, no built-in retirement plans and no guaranteed wages. That last one is an especially powerful factor, as it’s impossible to predict […]
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