Partner Highlight: Piesync from Hubspot

PieSync from HubSpot: Have your Invoice Ninja clients data in sync with your other business applications
Over 10 years ago, with the boom of cloud applications, small and medium-sized businesses gained access to top business software. Until then, those were only attainable for big companies. During this decade, SaaS companies became more sophisticated, flexible and they’ve refined their offer.

Some business applications are trying to solve every single problem a company might face. But the majority of them focus on solving a specific business problem that affects one team, and they solve them very effectively.

In that scenario, it comes as no surprise that the average business works with around 20+ paid software solutions and up to 30 free ones. Having the possibility to work with business applications designed to solve specific problems is a big advantage. These are tailored and efficient solutions that simply get the work done. But with so many different applications, how do you keep the information they gather in sync?

About PieSync

PieSync, from HubSpot, is one of the highest-reviewed integration solutions in the market. It’s known for its two-way sync engine that, after an easy setup, operates in the background ensuring up-to-date customer data across different business apps.

Unlike other integration services that push data from one app to the other one, PieSync connects applications bi-directionally. That means that whenever there’s a change in the database of either one of the connected apps, the other one will be automatically updated.

PieSync has been available for Invoice Ninja users since July 2018 saving them time and ensuring them up-to-date clients data across their entire software stack. You can now start an account with a discount of $50 on any plan, in addition to the 14-day free trial.

There are more than 200 other business apps available for a sync with Invoice Ninja:

New applications are released every Wednesday, so if the app you need is not yet available for sync, you can visit their website and vote for your favorite application.

Another plus of PieSync is that it takes into account your historical data and it will help you manage duplicates based on their email address. After that, it will be constantly scanning your different databases for updates to make sure your customer data gets richer and richer.

“It just works!” is a common refrain, along with praise for how easy the software is and how supportive the teams are. We love a company that is loved by its customers. PieSync unquestionably is.” – Brian Halligan, co-founder and CEO of HubSpot.

Wondering how you can use this service? Check out the following use cases…

Sync Invoice Ninja and your CRM

Your CRM stores and centralizes data about your customers in order to identify opportunities and close deals. As soon as you open a deal or opportunity in your CRM, you have information to enrich Invoice Ninja’s database, such as a client’s name or address. Using PieSync to sync that data not only saves you time, but it also helps you avoid manual data entry.

Because PieSync works two-way, once a client processes a payment, you can have his balance synced back to the CRM.

Sync Invoice Ninja and your other financial tools

Keep all your financial tools in sync automatically, without any room for manual errors with PieSync’s two-way clients sync.

Sync Invoice Ninja and your Email Marketing Tool

The balance of your clients can be a good way to segment them for email marketing. If your clients are subscribed to your email communications, you can group them according to their balance.

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