During a busy week, when you’re pressed for time, there’s nothing you need less than to have to upload details to an invoice and wait to see how they look. With Invoice Ninja, ‘instant’ is not a buzzword, it’s a promise.

When entering information to an invoice, you can see exactly how the invoice will look as a PDF document, while you are typing. That’s right. Instant invoices in real time. What you see is what you get.  Every change you make or data you add is updated live to the PDF version of the invoice, just as it will look to the customer.

To check out your live PDF invoice, go to the Invoice / Create or Invoice / Edit page.  Scroll below the invoice data fields. The PDF version of the invoice includes all the invoice data, such as your logo, contact details, the customer’s information, job items, descriptions, taxes, partial payments and total balance. Make a change to the invoice data, and it will automatically, instantly appear in the live PDF version below. What an easy way to proofread and double check your invoice, or even just to glance it over to make sure everything is in place. No need to guess or imagine what the invoice will look like. It’s right here before your eyes.

It’s all about live invoice creation. You can even experiment with the different templates and see how the invoice will appear in various design styles. Want to shake it up a bit without changing your design preferences in the Settings section? Just select a template from the drop down menu located next to the blue Download PDF button above the PDF invoice. The invoice will instantly appear with the chosen design template. It’s not even a matter of seconds. There’s no wait.

With Invoice Ninja real time PDF invoice creation, the time really is now.