Text Case:

We pay 50% for four years – so if you sign up 100 Pro Plan Users from just passively putting your referral URL hyperlinked in your emails / blog posts, that’s $5,000/ year commission, recurring every year for 4 years!

Earnings Per Year


After you’ve enabled your referral url, you can find it within your Account Settings,and you’re ready to start making money from referrals!

Examples how to maximize using your referral link to earn:

Blog Articles

Create blog content and hyperlink your referral URL within relevant copy text.

Newsletters & Announcements

Use your referral URL to hyperlink pics and/or text in your company promotional newsletters & website announcements.

Email Signatures

Setup your email & invoice templates with text to let your customers know how they can send out equally professional invoices online!

Referral Tools

Here are some logos & ads you can use to get you started!