When you use Invoice Ninja, your invoicing activity involves a whole lot of lists. A list of clients, list of invoices, list of expenses, list of payments, and more. At Invoice Ninja, we give you plenty of options to customize lists according to your needs. Want to display 10, 25, 50 or 100 data rows per page? Sure! The choice is yours. And, when it comes to sorting your lists, you can do it alphabetically, numerically, according to date, or invoice number or whichever way suits you best.

There’s one thing better than choosing how your list pages look. It’s saving your preferences, so each page will be displayed exactly how you want, every time you open it. Invoice Ninja introduces a new Save function for your list display and sort field. Decide on your list display, set your preferences, and create perfect looking lists, just the way you like them.

And, you can set your preferences according to each list page. So, if you want to list your invoices by date, go ahead! But you want to view your clients in alphabetical order. No problem. And you prefer to have your payments listed 100 per page, so you can get a good account history in one glance. Your call! Make the choice, and save it. It’s just another feature that makes Invoice Ninja your truly customizable, user-friendly invoicing system.

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